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Staycation Nation: 10 Ideas to Get Away Without Going Anywhere

According to Google search trends, from July 2011 to January of this year, searches for ‘staycation’ went up ten percent annually. Why? A staycation means less travel expenses, less time spent planning and coordinating arrangements and the potential for more rest, relaxation and fun for the family! Associate Director Center for Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University School of Medicine Emma Seppälä says, “In a way, a ‘staycation’ because it doesn’t involve the extensive planning and expense of a vacation, may actually end up being more restful (and easy on the wallet).” So while everyone else is battling traffic and airport security lines, we’ve got 10 staycation ideas to get away from it all by staying right where you are.

1. Media Blackout

A woman sitting on furniture at home

All that technology needs to be turned off. We don’t care where you go, what you do or if you do nothing and go nowhere (a good name of Monopoly calling your name?). Turn off your ringers and alerts, put the computers away, take a social media break and spend some quality time appreciating your immediate surroundings and the people you’re with. This is one of the best staycation ideas we can think of.

2. Go Sightseeing

Play tourist in your hometown. Surely there’s something you haven’t seen yet. World’s largest ball of twine anyone? Do a little sleuthing and we’re betting you’ll come up with somewhere fun (maybe even obscure) that will be a blast for everyone.

3. Read a Book

Woman reading book at home

There is absolutely nothing better than spending a winter afternoon curled up with a good book and some hot tea or cocoa. Make it a family affair and a daylong adventure by reading a chapter book aloud and then watching the movie together later.

4. No Chores

You know you want to! Beyond taking care of the absolute necessities, consider this permission to take a break from your chores and housework.

5. Netflix Binge

Girl watching computer on bed at home

Whether you need to catch up on Orange is the New Black or you just really want to make a dent in your queue, there is no shame in opening up the laptop and vegging out in bed with some screen time just for you.

6. Order In

Get take out, order in or venture out and try a new local restaurant. Make it fun and interesting so it’s out of the ordinary and special.

7. Family Craft Day


Get a head start on Christmas gifts and your holiday decorations by crafting as a family. We know you’ve had your eye on winter wonderland Pinterest inspirations for months anyway so why not use them?

8. Date Night

Another one of our favorite staycation ideas is simply to hire a babysitter and enjoy a date night with your significant other. Soak up some quality local theatre or maybe go to that trendy new gastropub you’ve been reading about.

9. Backyard Campout


Make it big or do it up small, while the weather is still tolerable, break out the tents and sleeping bags and camp out in the backyard! You might need to bundle up a bit but it’s worth it to roast some marshmallows and snuggle in front of your own little fire (or gas grill if that’s what you’ve got!).

10. Breakfast in Bed

Sleep in as late as the kids will allow and then make a big breakfast before letting the whole family pile into your bed. Talk about life, watch a silly cartoon or just chew and enjoy some sweet silence and relaxation.

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