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Style your Apple Watch with a unique wooden band

Change up your Apple Watch with this earthy wood band.
Make a fashion statement with a wood band for your Apple Watch.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you’re lucky enough to own the latest and greatest Apple Watch Series 7 (or any other Apple Watch for that matter), you know it’s the quintessential smartwatch/fitness tracker hybrid.

Such an amazing watch deserves nothing but the best styling. TruWood’s wooden Apple Watch bands give your high-tech wearable a distinctive look. The Everyday band goes all-in on the wood look, while the Classic model pairs wood with stainless steel. Either way, you get a totally unique look for your Apple Watch.

Eye-catching wooden Apple Watch bands

You will find a wide variety of Apple Watch bands in outlets like the Apple Store or the Cult of Mac Store. Whether you’re looking for a brightly colored sports band, a durable nylon band, a sophisticated leather band or a stunning stainless steel one, you’ve got plenty of options. But it’s rare to find one made from the high-quality, environmentally sustainable materials these are made of.

It’s also hard to find a band that looks quite the way these TruWood bands do. The designs employ 100% natural wood, giving the bands a uniquely earthy look that’s often lost with modern wearables. Plus, you can completely customize the band’s fit. (Removable links make it fully adjustable to accommodate all wrist sizes, and let you choose a snug or loose fit.)

The bands comes in a variety of wood types and colors (including sandalwood and maple). The hardware comes in various shades, too. And whether you own the oldest or the most recent of Apple Watches, TruWood bands work for all of them.

These wooden Apple Watch bands shine from an environmental standpoint, too. TruWood’s bands are sustainable. And every time you make an order, you plant 10 trees.

Save on a TruWood Apple Watch band

Pick out the perfect TruWood wooden Apple Watch band from the links below. Each model comes in 38mm/40mm/41mm and 42mm/42mm/45mm sizes, as well as a variety of color options. Use the dropdown menus to find the size that fits your Apple Watch and the color combo that suits your style.

Prices subject to change.

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