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Telegram New Feature | Beta Channel with Video and Screen Sharing Group Support

Telegram New Feature | Beta Channel with Video and Screen Sharing Group Support
(Photo : Screenshot From Telegram New Feature | Beta Channel with Video and Screen Sharing Group Support

Telegram new feature is an update on the company’s beta channel which could bring a number of improvements to the growingly popular voice chats. Telegram is adding two brand new features that will help users share their videos as well as their device’s screen with other people whenever they use group calls.

Telegram v7.8 Beta Version

According to Android Police, the new and improved Telegram v7.8 beta will allow its users to easily broadcast a video or even share their phone’s screen in real time during a group voice call. This particularly new feature can be tried in the beta release.

Users will just have to rename the chat and simply add the “#vid” to the name. This will allow users to tap on the three-dot menu located in the group which will show users a new option for them to start recording or even share their screen.

Telegram New Feature with Minor Improvements

Users can use these features in any particular group. The problem, however, is that the group members who are not yet on the newer beta release still won’t be able to see the video broadcast on the user’s screen. They will only be able to receive audio despite the new feature being activated.

Along with these brand new features, Telegram v7.8 beta also brings around a number of minor improvements to the app’s chat backgrounds. The backgrounds can now be animated and will also entertainingly shift colors while users type in their messages. Users can also check the GIF attached down below in order to see the new animated gradient backgrounds in use.

Telegram Gradient Background

In order to set up the exact same or at least similar gradient background, users will need to head straight over to the Telegram background menu which can be found in the appearance settings. Users will then need to select one of the many colorful backgrounds and simply tap on the color button. 

This will then add some extra shades for users to adjust for a more gradient effect. For the feature to really work like how it was intended, users still need to pick at least three different colors to choose from.

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Telegram Beta Channel

At the moment, all of the different features that were mentioned above are available according to the story by XDA-developers but only for the beta channel. Telegram has also shared no specific information about any particular stable rollout just yet.

Users, however, now expect the feature to reach even more users over the course of the upcoming weeks. As of the moment, the feature is only available on the Telegram v7.8 beta channel. It is still unknown as to when the official channel will come out but users might not need to wait for too long since it is already implemented in the beta channel.

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