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The Fitbit Charge 5 Finally Gets Its On-Tracker ECG App

Today is a big day for Fitbit Charge 5 users, as the tracker now has access to an ECG app making this Fitbit’s most advanced tracker it has ever released. Fitbit today has announced more than just Charge 5 improvements though.

The wearables company says that Fitbit Premium members are now able to access their Daily Readiness scores within the Fitbit app. This new feature was announced alongside the Charge 5. But at the time it wasn’t quite as ready. One could say its own daily readiness score was that of someone who needed a little more time to recover. Or in this case, spend time in development.

Daily Readiness Scores are there to help users know whether or not they should plan to workout on the day they check the score. Or spend more time letting their body recover. The score tracks data like heart rate variability, user activity, body insights and more to deliver a score each day.


The Fitbit Charge 5 ECG app is now available to use

If you have a Charge 5, then all you need to do to check your ECG data is touch your fingers on the two side panels of the tracker and hold them there until the reading is complete. But before you go and rush to do that, you’ll need to update your tracker.

Updates on Fitbit devices have a tendency to take a little bit of time. And while it rarely takes the entire 40 minutes the app says it can take up to, it does often take 10 minutes or more. Which means you can’t really mess with it for a little bit.

After the update is finished, you can launch the on-tracker ECG app and then touch the two side panels as instructed. Fitbit says you need to hold the panels and remain still for 30 seconds if you want a proper and accurate reading.


While the Charge 5 is one of very few devices Fitbit offers that comes with ECG capabilities, the Daily Readiness score is actually available for quite a few. In addition to the Charge 5, Daily Readiness is now available for Fitbit Premium members with a Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Luxe, or Inspire 2.

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