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UAS Nov 2021: Arctic Art

For the past year Martin Schultz, Co-Director at Museum Cerny, has focused his research on the Arctic. In November, Arcum invites you to a seminar, within the Umeå Arctic Seminar series, where Martin will talk about Contemporary Arctic Art and Climate Change. 

Martin Schultz, Co-Director at Museum Cerny in Schweiz (with one of the most comprehensive collections of contemporary art from the high North) and former intendent at the Statens museer för världskultur in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden (e.g. Voices from the Arctic collection), has for the past year focused his research on the Arctic collections, and the history of Arctic research in Switzerland and Sweden, and the collections from the Vega Expedition in Stockholm, especially the Chukchi collections.

His first experiences with Arctic collections were made as the curator of ethnographic collections at the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums in Mannheim (Germany), followed by positions at the Historic and Ethnographic Museum of St.Gallen, Bern Historical Museum in Bern (both Switzerland) and Statens museer för världskultur in Stockholm and Gothenburg with responsibilities for Arctic collections from North America and circumpolar.

While Climate Change has long been a research focus in Arctic Studies, indigenous voices are rarely heard in this connection. How can museums in the South amplify these voices? And how can this lead to meaningful exchange and collaborations? Museum Cerny in Bern, Switzerland, is joining forces with other trailblazers to develop international interdisciplinary approaches to understand Climate Change from various perspectives.

Friday November 12 between noon and 1 pm, you have the opportunity to listen to Martin talk about his research from an Arctic perspective. Register your interest at the link below. You will receive more information and a zoom link by e-mail.

Please feel free to join!

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