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Vennersys brings cloud-based solutions to rural attractions

Vennersys, the integrated ticketing, retail and visitor management company, can help rural attractions to make their systems more efficient with its VenposCloud solution. This cloud-based technology allows operators to reduce queues, improve customer service and boost revenue, no matter how remote the location.

Rural attractions give visitors a chance to escape urban life and enjoy natural experiences. However, they are often in remote areas, which can present challenges. Previously, these venues would have had to rely on traditional, more time-consuming admissions processes. Now, many farm parks, historic houses and heritage sites have turned to new technology to solve this problem.

Streamlining processes

Investing in a cloud-based ticketing system is a simple solution that does not call for disruptive installation processes and costly downtime. Opting for an integrated, cloud-based ticketing and visitor management platform also means that these attractions don’t need to rely on a strong internet connection.

By integrating this kind of solution throughout a venue, different areas of the business can communicate with each other, saving the need for manual processes.

Integrated ticketing systems also enable operators to easily manage memberships. For
instance, with a cloud-based visitor management tool, attractions can track how often guests visit and then target them with discount codes or exclusive access to events. This leads to repeat visits and boosts loyalty.

Vennersys has already helped the historic Hall Place and Gardens to improve its ticket management processes through its VenPosCloud ticketing and admissions solution.

Earlier this year, the company was chosen to provide the Visitor Management System for Nothe Fort. This museum and family attraction in Weymouth, UK, dates back to 1872 and was originally built to defend Weymouth and Portland harbours. Guests can explore the fort’s history, as well as enjoying a cafe, gift shop and 360-degree views across the harbours and Nothe Gardens.

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