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Vitamin D3 price increases as demand is slow to respond

Forward contracts entered into Glowlit show an increase in price for deliveries in October and November.

Vitamin D3 price hike announced

Last week buyers of Vitamin D3 received notice of a huge price increase from one of the largest producers of D3 in the world. Should this price increase stick, buyers that locked in a delivery in the next few months will pay significantly less than buyers who have decided to wait and see.

Vitamin D3

L-Threonine price decline appears to end

Buyers of Threonine that waited to enter orders in September are paying 19% more for full containers than those that bought in August. The forward contracts for deals entering into the Glowlit system show a forthcoming price increase. As soon as our Beta Testers finish their trial, the broader Glowlit community will be able to view forward trends directly. For now it seems that the declining trend in the price of Threonine has stopped. Would you have done something different with a view on forward prices just a month ago?


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