CBL Architect design studio focused on developing core values through innovative spatial solutions for NIC in Hanoi that symbolize creativity and connectivity, exemplified by the elevator lobby’s unique design concept.

Post-COVID, the majority of companies or conglomerates have been heavily impacted. It’s evident that those companies, conglomerates that have endured have done so thanks to the resilience that core values bring. Therefore, developing core values internally is crucial for the survival and future development of businesses.

The office is located in the NIC Building, 7 Ton That Thuyet, Hanoi, which is owned by the National Innovation Center of Vietnam, a unit under the Ministry of Planning and Investment. With the goal of developing the startup ecosystem and fostering innovation in Vietnam in general and young enterprises in particular.

This necessitates the design team to propose ideas and spatial solutions that embody the message and symbolic essence of NIC’s innovation and creativity, while still achieving a harmonious and dynamic connectivity.

With the overarching conceptual direction in mind, the design team aims to create a core space serving as a platform to connect multiple independent spaces, thereby forming a unified and tightly interconnected entity. This can be understood as a form of concentrating on developing core values within each individual, between individuals, and between individuals and businesses to establish a sustainable development ecosystem.

In this project, besides successfully addressing the major drawback of the current layout, the design team is particularly enthusiastic about the concept of designing the elevator lobby space with the idea of combining three symbolic elements: “Tree branches – Stone slabs – Open books”.

From this, the design team aims to convey the message: In a society that develops sustainably and robustly, knowledge always plays a crucial leading role in fostering creative innovation. It serves as a solid foundation that helps us develop sustainably and reach far.

Design: CBL Architect design studio
Photography: Quang Minh