Norway introduces Europe’s largest green hydrogen plant for a sustainable future

June 11, 2024 | by

Yara International has introduced the largest green hydrogen production facility in Europe in the Norwegian city of Herøya.

The hydrogen plant, situated within the Herøya Industrial Park, represents a significant advancement in sustainable industrial practices.

The 24-megawatt facility produces hydrogen through water electrolysis powered by renewable energy, substituting natural gas as a feedstock.

This shift is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 41,000 tonnes annually from the site.

Production process at the hydrogen plant

Hydrogen produced at the plant is used to manufacture green ammonia, a key component in fertiliser production and a potential fuel for shipping.

As ammonia acts as an efficient energy and hydrogen carrier, Yara has already begun producing and delivering fertilisers made from the green ammonia generated at its hydrogen plant.

The project is vital for decarbonising the food value chain, shipping fuels, and other energy-intensive industries, underscoring Yara’s commitment to environmental protection.

Yara’s commitment to sustainability

The ammonia and green hydrogen plant initiatives are part of Yara’s new product line, Yara Climate Choice, which aims to decarbonise the food value chain and mitigate climate impacts.

Additionally, Yara plans to expand its portfolio with low-carbon ammonia-based fertilisers produced using carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.

The company has signed a binding CCS agreement with Northern Lights, marking the world’s first cross-border CCS agreement.

Looking ahead, Yara is considering global projects for low-carbon ammonia production and carbon capture and storage, particularly in the United States.

Along with the new hydrogen plant, these efforts reflect Yara’s ongoing dedication to sustainable practices and reducing its environmental footprint.


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