NPW FAST Expo Goes Digital

February 5, 2024 | by

NPW recently wrapped up its 2024 FAST Expo, “a dynamic showcase and discount extravaganza, uniting vendors, retailers and technicians.”

Traditionally hosted at the Miami Airport Convention Center alongside a captivating car show, this year’s event was presented in a digital format. Collaborating with numerous channel partners, the Digital FAST Expo “seamlessly delivered the same exclusive order discounts that NPW’s customers have come to expect,” NPW said.

Held Jan. 17-19, the digital event reached all NPW locations.

“Supported by a comprehensive communication strategy, customers were not only treated to exceptional deals but were also presented with enticing opportunities, including the chance to win door prizes,” NPW said.

Additionally, those who registered in advance received a Fast Expo welcome kit.

NPW CEO Chris Pacey called the Digital FAST Expo “a resounding success.” He conveyed gratitude for the opportunity provided to customers and extended appreciation to the participating channel partners.

The event is set to return in a live format in 2025.


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