OMB Unveils New Policy to Help Agencies Mitigate Risks Associated With AI Use

April 1, 2024 | by

The Office of Management and Budget has released its first policy aimed at helping federal agencies harness the benefits and mitigate the risks of artificial intelligence in line with the implementation of the AI executive order.

The new OMB policy announced by Vice President Kamala Harris classifies specific actions into three categories: strengthening AI governance, advancing responsible AI innovation and managing risks from the use of AI, the White House said Thursday.

To address risks from the use of AI, the guidance requires federal agencies to implement by Dec. 1 safeguards when using AI tools in a way that could impact the rights and safety of U.S. citizens.

Safeguards may include mandatory measures to test, evaluate and monitor the impacts of the technology on the public, inform the public on how the government uses AI tools and mitigate the risks of algorithmic discrimination.

The new policy will eliminate unnecessary barriers to responsible AI innovation within agencies and encourage such agencies to responsibly experiment with generative AI.

When it comes to bolstering AI governance, the policy will direct agencies to designate chief AI officers and form AI governance boards. Each CFO Act agency should establish such governance bodies by May 27.


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