Optera Offers Software Tool to Help Collect Emissions Data from Suppliers

May 15, 2024 | by magnews24.com

Software company Optera has launched a new software module to help companies collect emissions data from suppliers. 

The module is part of Optera’s Supply Chain Manager data management platform, pulling from a database of reporting from 10,000 suppliers. Through that, it provides details on emission levels across supply chains, offering a look at the scope 3 footprint of individual suppliers. The tool also provides educational resources and guidance to help suppliers on the path to decarbonization. 

“Optera’s Outreach module enhances a company’s scope 3 data coverage, enabling comprehensive visibility across all levels of supplier maturity for setting science-based targets, identifying reduction levers, and engaging suppliers as true partners in sustainability efforts,” Optera CEO Tim Weiss said. 


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