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February 14, 2024 | by

Otter AI Chat in Channels

Otter AI has recently announced a new feature that is sure to revolutionize the way teams collaborate. The AI chatbot, which was previously available for individual use, is now being introduced to group chats through a feature called AI Chat in Channels. This new feature aims to enhance team collaboration and knowledge sharing by providing a powerful multi-user experience.

According to a blog post by Josh Gould, the chief product officer at Otter, this new feature combines the AI chatbot with generative AI capabilities. Users can create channels specific to teams, projects, or topics, allowing for focused discussions and information sharing within those channels.

AI Chat in Channels enables group users to ask the AI chatbot about past discussions within the channel, providing valuable insights. Additionally, users can also query key points discussed during a meeting, and the AI chatbot will provide responses based on the context available within the discussion. This ensures that all users within channels are informed and on the same page.

The feature also allows for generating summaries, action items, and even emails powered by the collective intelligence within the channel. Teammates can collaborate with each other as well as with Otter’s AI Chat in Channels. It also facilitates creating meeting-specific content such as summaries and follow-ups.

This innovative feature is designed to transform the way teams work together by integrating meeting information with asynchronous communication. By leveraging Otter’s speech-to-text transcription tool along with its AI capabilities, team members can stay connected and informed seamlessly.

With Otter’s introduction of AI Chat in Channels, it is evident that technology continues to shape how we collaborate and communicate in professional settings. As businesses increasingly rely on remote work arrangements and virtual meetings, tools like Otter are becoming essential for enhancing productivity and maintaining effective teamwork.

According to the news from Hindustan Times Tech ( Otter’s latest innovation holds great potential for streamlining group communication processes while harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.


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