Petdirect Unveils Refreshing New Brand Identity with Special Design | LBBOnline

March 17, 2024 | by

Petdirect turned its vast experience running online shopping services for humans into an online shopping service entirely for pets. The much-loved brand required a modernised brand platform and identity that reflected the company’s evolution.

Special was driven to create a platform underpinned by a robust strategy that helped the well-loved brand shift from placing pressure on pet parents to reassuring them they’re doing what’s best for their pets.

The logo shows their customers quickly that Petdirect really understands how to ‘speak pet’, featuring an arrow to indicate seamless delivery. The logo is accompanied by a design toolkit created with the intention of flexing across the various needs of the brand, including illustrated ‘guides’ curated in collaboration with homegrown illustrator Toby Morris to reassure shoppers.

Petdirect CEO David Anderson said, “As two proudly founded Kiwi companies, we couldn’t have found a more perfect team to onboard for this project. The new brand strategy and identity reflect our drive to lead the pack in pet care and assure pet owners they’re doing what’s best for their furry friends.”

“Special took the time to understand our core message comprehensively and cut no corners when generating this scope of work. We couldn’t be happier. “He adds.

Special’s executive design director, Heath Lowe said, “We’re incredibly proud to have worked alongside Petdirect to create the new chapter of their much-loved brand. Our team wanted to ensure that the design was vibrant and modern to reflect the direction of the business.”

“We’re looking forward to collaborating with Petdirect again. The category offers space to play in, and we aim to leverage this new brand identity to create unexpected moments through world-class communications and PR with the wider Special group.” He concluded.


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