• Despite emission concerns, Porsche plans to keep its 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine alive into the 2030s.
  • The engine will be upgraded to meet stricter Euro 7 emission regulations coming in July 2030.
  • Unfortunately, stricter noise regulations will mean the V8’s signature sound will be muted.

Porsche’s venerable twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine is set to continue its legacy well into the next decade, defying concerns that it might face extinction amidst increasingly stringent regulations in Europe and beyond.

The model line boss of the Porsche Panamera, Thomas Freimuth, recently spoke to media members at the recent Australian F1 Grand Prix. He revealed the company is already working to ensure the Porsche V8 can meet Euro 7 emissions regulations set to be enforced in July 2030. Unfortunately, noise regulations will mute the engine’s soundtrack.

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“We know this engine is ready for EU7, it’s no problem. We have to add some parts which are in development, so we are ready with this V8 to go to the EU7 regulations,” Freimuth told Car Sales. “This will be also possible without [a] hybrid system because they changed [EU7 regulations] a little bit.”

“Even in the Panamera, for example, we have to deal with other regulations… about the exhaust noise level… it’s going down and down and down and down over the years and this also makes it more complicated to get a good emotion to our Panamera V8,” he added.

 Porsche’s V8 Will Stick Around Beyond 2030, But It Won’t Sound The Same

Freimuth didn’t reveal how Porsche will look to add some character back into the engine once it becomes more muted but did acknowledge the brand continues to develop synthetic soundtracks for its electric vehicles. It could use these to boost the volume of its future V8s too.

“We have to learn how to bring those [V8-like] emotions into our electric cars because the far future is electric so we have to find a solution for that,” he said. “We’re working on it, you see it in the Taycan and there are big steps which we need to go. I think, for example, the V8 is all over the world… that’s where we are looking for emotional [inspiration], especially noises in the car, it’s very important.”