PPRO Partners with Afterpay to Offer BNPL Services to US Shoppers

May 24, 2024 | by magnews24.com

Eelco Dettingmeijer, Chief Commercial Officer at PPRO, comments on his company’s latest partnership: “With the popularity of BNPL in the US expected to increase, offering it at checkout is a no-brainer for merchants looking to sell to US consumers. 

“Now merchants from the US, Europe, China, and Hong Kong, can tap into Afterpay’s platform and provide flexible payment options, which will attract more consumers and boost sales.”

The global BNPL landscape

Indeed, it is not just the US where BNPL has become a leading payments option for consumers. Perpetuated by a cost-of-living crisis across 2022-2023 – the effects of which still linger – BNPL is now a fintech fixture here to stay

The Bank of International Settlement’s (BIS’s) recent cross-country BNPL analysis highlights its growing popularity in not just the US, but also across the world’s leading markets.

In fact, BNPL appears most popular in Australia and Sweden, with between 50,000-100,000 BNPL downloads per 100,000 people. 

Klarna and Afterpay lead a competitive Australian market, where BNPL is incredibly popular among consumers.

And, of course, Sweden is home to BNPL pioneer Klarna, which has now spread its tendrils across the globe via a string of smart company partnerships. Today, the Sebastian Siemiatkowski founded fintech has more than 150 million active customers and partnerships with more than 500,000 merchants across the globe. 

The likes of Klarna have expanded out of Europe into the US, where it has over 7 million active customers and competes with Afterpay for BNPL purchases.

BNPL is touching all areas of US industry, with adoption only set to grow. Most recently, Walmart announced its majority-owned BNPL business, One, would be made available across its stores for high-end items, competing with Affirm in the retail BNPL space. 

PPRO’s partnership with Afterpay takes BNPL offerings in the US to an international level, as the rate at which consumers adopt this emerging payments option shows no sign of abating. 


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