PrivateFly rebrands jet card under Aviator

March 24, 2024 | by

Flexjet, Inc. European jet card broker PrivateFly has rebranded its fixed-rate, guaranteed availability membership program.

It will now use the Aviator name and take many of the features from the previous product, with a few enhancements.

The three categories of jets remain the same.

It offers a premium light jet category that includes the Phenom 300, Pilatus PC-24, Citation XLS, and Hawker 900, both midsize jets.

There is also a Super Midsize and Ultra-Long-Range category.

There are no interchange charges and no blackout dates.

The new program offers transatlantic one-way pricing without a surcharge.

It continues to offer fixed one-way pricing in North America via sister Sentient Jet.

It also eliminates a surcharge between the main zone in Europe and a second zone.

The 20% surcharge for 35 peak days is waived if you book at least 14 days in advance.

There is also one-way pricing to the Middle East.

Via 4Air, all flights are offset at 300% of carbon emissions.

Deicing is included.

You can use funds outside the fixed rate survey area, and funds never expire, although the program is non-refundable.

Entry point is $200,000.

The PrivateFly move comes in tandem with Flexjet Europe relaunching its jet card featuring the Praetor 600.


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