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April 4, 2024 | by magnews24.com

Rewilding of the City, Quantum’s campaign for sustainability-focused non-alcoholic aperitif brand Everleaf’s is shortlisted for the Campaign Experience Award in the Best Approach to Sustainability category

Everleaf, founded by conservation biologist Paul, strives to produce top-tier non-alcoholic aperitifs while emphasising plant conservation and sustainable practices, symbolised by their iconic ‘Forever-Leaf’ logo. 

Everleaf’s sustainability objectives are centred around sourcing, working, and giving back. Ingredients are chosen to support ecosystems and local communities, while the company, as a certified B Corp, prioritises social and environmental goals. Achieving carbon neutrality through certified projects and committing over 1% of annual turnover to charitable causes, Everleaf exemplifies a true commitment to global sustainability efforts.

Paul envisioned the ‘Rewilding of the City’ campaign to mark their fifth anniversary. So, tasked with bringing this vision to life, we were briefed to build the ‘Everleaf Embassy’ – the home of the brand and the beginning of a series of zero-compromise, eco-conscious bar takeovers.

From handmade FSC-certified paper foliage from local East London artist, Leo Flowers, to fully recycled and recyclable Green Cast acrylic, the essence of the season came to life in every detail. Green Cast, a 100% recycled and recyclable cast acrylic, holds ISO9001 certification and boasts an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certified by an external authority.

The use of an FSC certification ensures the sustainable management of virgin paper production, reinforcing the commitment to conservation and sourcing.

The launch night at the Everleaf Hideaway celebrated not only the unveiling of a thoughtfully designed space but also showcased experiences that further breathed sustainability. The menu featured cocktails that were both simple and low on garnish, reducing unnecessary waste. Additionally, workshops on Japanese furoshiki gift wrapping were hosted, promoting the use of reusable fabric instead of traditional paper.

Transitioning from The Hide to Canary Wharf, our journey continued with an autumnal-inspired activation at The Alchemist Bar & Restaurant. Taking over the venue, we transformed the space with more oversized FSC-certified paper foliage by Leo Flowers hanging from lights, ceiling beams, and a planter backdrop, creating a captivatingly cosy atmosphere. Extending from leaves to forest table lamps, inspiration was drawn from the warm colour palette at The Alchemist. 

“Working with Quantum on Everleaf’s Rewilding of the City campaign has been an outstanding collaboration. Quantum not only grasped but embraced our commitment to sustainability, transforming the idea into a tangible and immersive experience.

From selecting recycled and responsibly sourced materials to creating an organic, autumnal atmosphere at The Hide Bar, their keen understanding of our sustainability goals and story was evident in every aspect of the project and demonstrated a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to the guest experience.

The project’s success in activating Everleaf at The Alchemist Bar further underscored Quantum’s commitment to turning sustainability goals into engaging, memorable experiences. We are truly grateful for their expertise and partnership in bringing our vision to life and look forward to extending our Rewilding of the City campaign with them in 2024.” said Karla Castro, marketing director, Everleaf Drinks.

In the execution of Everleaf’s sustainability objectives, the Everleaf Hideaway at The Hide Bar exemplified the brand’s unwavering commitment to environmentally conscious practices. Rooted in themes of organic, autumnal, and natural elements, the Everleaf Hideaway was meticulously crafted using recycled and responsibly sourced materials, ensuring that no compromise was made in delivering a space that exuded nature and sustainability.


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