Ravenwood’s linerless tech approved for curbside recycling in Australasia

May 10, 2024 | by magnews24.com

The Australian Packaging Covenant Organization (APCO) has approved Ravenwood Packaging’s linerless technology to be classified as ‘Recyclable’ in Australasia (ARL).

Sam Aloschi, Ravenwood’s APAC managing director, embarked on this journey in 2021 to showcase the company’s linerless labels’ curbside recyclability.

Now, based on the evidence provided, Ravenwood’s new ‘ecosystem’ of materials are approved for recycling in the region.

In collaboration with Monash University’s Bioresource Processing Research Institute of Australia (BioPRIA), APCO’s standardized test method, an approval system was granted.

Ravenwood had presented both uncoated, coated, printed and raw samples for evaluation and assisted in the development of the testing criteria.

‘I always believed our linerless labels were 100% recyclable and should not be going to landfill,’ Aloschi said. ‘Our team at Ravenwood have worked hard to push the boundaries of technology to ensure our system is completely recyclable and sustainable for future generations.’

Ravenwood’s linerless ecosystem falls under ‘The Circle of Linerless,’ which encompasses not only the base paper material but also the silicones, adhesives and varnishes. These components must be combined in precise ratios, with labels meticulously designed and approved by Ravenwood’s keyline designers. Once designed, printed and configured, Ravenwood’s linerless labels are then produced on the Com 500 coater.

Testing has yielded promising results across Ravenwood’s latest ecosystem of products, achieving a pulp yield of over 93.7% ready for recycling post-screening. As part of their continuous efforts, Ravenwood is rolling out the Ravenwood ‘RRAP’ (Ravenwood Recyclability Approval Program). Participating printers can enrol to fully align with Ravenwood’s meticulous auditing chain of custody process.

Ravenwood’s ‘Circle of Linerless’ offers a complete linerless portfolio, fully encompassing its materials and machinery including the Com 500 linerless coater and Nobac linerless applicators. 

Aloschi concluded: ‘It’s a real credit to the Ravenwood team’s tenacity to come into the ground floor and work so hard to attain this momentous achievement from APCO.’

Ravenwood recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.


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