SAP Sapphire 2024 Day 1 is in the books: It’s all about the Future of AI and Cloud Innovation

June 5, 2024 | by

AI Where? Everywhere!

SAP is putting AI into every corner of its cloud portfolio. Think AI-driven insights in SuccessFactors and predictive tools in Sales Cloud. It’s all about smarter, faster business processes​ (Dutch IT Channel)​.

Big-Time Partnerships

As we have seen with the SAP Datasphere partnerships with Databricks, Google, Colibra and the likes. SAP cannot win the game on its own. Therefore also in the AI space, SAP is teaming up with tech giants to boost its AI game:

  • Google Cloud: Integrating SAP Joule with Google Cloud’s Gemini models for better supply chain management​ (ERP Today)​.
  • Meta: Using Meta’s Llama 3 in SuccessFactors and Analytics Cloud​ (TechTarget)​.
  • Mistral AI: Adding Mistral’s large language models to SAP AI Core​ (TechTarget)​.
  • NVIDIA: Enhancing AI assistants and creating digital twins for industrial apps​ (TechTarget)​.

In my view, NVIDIA is the game changer (kitty down 😀) here.

AI Assistants and Ethical AI

Joule, SAP’s AI assistant, is now in more apps like S/4HANA Cloud and Integration Suite. Plus, SAP is committed to ethical AI, following UNESCO’s guidelines​ (Dutch IT Channel)​​ (ERP Today)​. As listed yesterday in my blog on hot AI sessions, its all about reliable and ethical appropriate models. See the sessions from Dr. Bettina Laugwitz for more on the topic.

New AI Features

SAP unveiled generative AI in its Business Technology Platform, using models from AWS and Meta. This includes integrating with Microsoft 365’s Copilot for deeper insights​ (TechTarget)​.

Dual Focus: Cloud and AI

SAP Sapphire 2024 focused on both cloud migration and AI innovation, showing real-world benefits like increased productivity with the Joule AI assistant​ (TechTarget)​.

Partner Ecosystem and Sustainability

SAP stressed the importance of partners in AI and cloud transitions, with new tools to help businesses find the right expertise. They also introduced features in the Sustainability Control Tower and Footprint Management to help companies track their sustainability efforts​ (TechTarget)​.

Wrapping Up

SAP Sapphire 2024 was all about pushing boundaries with AI and cloud tech. These advancements are set to make businesses more agile and innovative, crucial for staying competitive.

SAP is playing catch up, but is in it to win it!

Looking forward to day 2!


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