Scripps News talks about the A100 list with Gold House CEO and co-founder Bing Chen

May 2, 2024 | by

Today, Scripps News shines a spotlight on Gold House, a collective which aims to unite the AAPI community around common causes and invest capital and resources into creators and companies.

Bing Chen, CEO and co-founder of Gold House, spoke with Scripps News about its community efforts and its annual A100 list of impactful individuals.

Chen said Gold House’s focus is on uniting the goals of the Asian-Pacific diaspora, reshaping public opinion through media exposure and creating more leaders and professionals.

“We’re not trying to build a world for and by the Asian diaspora. I think that’s backwards and myopic,” Chen said. “Instead we think about the world from us. How do we leverage these three-pronged unique skills and services to benefit all traditionally marginalized groups?”

On Wednesday Gold House released its annual A100 list, honoring the 100 most impactful Asia-Pacific leaders in culture and society over the last year.

Narrowing it down is “an impossible task, given we have at least 5 billion people to choose from,” Chen said.

Chen said Gold House holds an open call for nominations to the A100 list, which are then organized by 1,500 community leaders — heads of Asian Pacific nonprofits, CEOs, community activists and celebrities.

On this year’s list are athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs, actors, authors and content creators; from New York Yankees shortstop Anthony Volpe to NVIDIA CEO and co-founder Jensen Huang, to the first responders who battled the wildfire on Maui.

“The reason we’re so excited about the A100 is not just for dismantling pernicious stereotypes about our community, but really projecting the breadth and array of incredible achievements,” Chen says.

You can see all honorees on this year’s list at


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