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March 22, 2024 | by

The publicity stunt showcased Last Energy’s modular 20MWe mini-nuclear power plant (Courtesy of Last Energy)
People attending the CERAWeek energy conference in Houston this week were treated to the site of a small nuclear reactor hanging from a crane outside.

The publicity stunt by nuclear-power start-up Last Energy was meant to showcase its 20MWe mini-nuclear power plant, the PWR-20, to the assembled international conference.

The company told GCR that the 48-ft-long prototype is non-functional.

It did the same thing at a business conference in Poland last October, and plans to take the display to Washington DC next, where the company is based.

Last Energy says its modular PWR-20 uses proven reactor technology found in over 300 plants worldwide, with modules shipped by conventional trucks.

In a press note to GCR, it said one can be built in two years and sized to provide power to industrial clients like data centres and car manufacturers.

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