Snapchat’s New Friend-Ranking Feature: A Closer Look

March 30, 2024 | by

The popular multimedia messaging app Snapchat recently introduced a new feature called the “Friend-Ranking Feature.” This feature assigns each of a user’s eight closest friends a planet in their solar system, representing the closeness of their relationship on the app. This article delves into the benefits, drawbacks, and implications of this new feature.

Understanding the Friend-Ranking Feature

Snapchat’s new Friend-Ranking Feature is designed to give users a visual representation of their closest friends on the app. Each planet in the solar system represents one of the user’s eight closest friends, with the order of the planets corresponding to the level of interaction between the user and their friends. For example, Mercury represents the user’s closest friend, while Neptune represents their eighth closest friend.

Benefits of the Friend-Ranking Feature

The introduction of the Friend-Ranking Feature has several benefits. First, it enhances the user experience by providing a fun and engaging way for users to see their closest friends. Second, it improves understanding of social dynamics, as users can now see a clear visual representation of their social circles. Finally, it may encourage users to engage more frequently with the app as they strive to maintain or improve their ranking among their friends.

Drawbacks of the Friend-Ranking Feature

Despite its benefits, the Friend-Ranking Feature also has some drawbacks. One potential issue is that it may lead to increased social comparison among users, which can lead to negative emotions and reduced self-esteem. Additionally, there are concerns about the privacy implications of having interactions with friends ranked and displayed in a visual format. Finally, the novelty of the feature may wear off over time, potentially reducing its impact on the overall user experience.


Snapchat’s new Friend-Ranking Feature offers a unique and engaging way for users to visualize their closest friends on the app. While the feature can enhance the user experience and improve understanding of social dynamics, it also comes with drawbacks such as increased social comparison and potential privacy concerns. Ultimately, the success of the Friend-Ranking Feature will depend on its ability to balance these factors and provide a positive and enjoyable experience for Snapchat users.


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