Strategic Improvement in Action-Featuring Ochsner Medical Center Skilled Nursing Facility

May 4, 2024 | by

Danielle Yenuganti is part of the team at Ochsner Medical Center Skilled Nursing Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana, which was honored with the 2023 Silver Quality Award. Her leadership in nursing and commitment to excellence play a crucial role in the facility’s ongoing dedication to high-quality long-term care and systematic improvements that enhance both employee retention and resident care. Together with her team, Danielle fosters a supportive work environment, setting a standard for excellence in long-term care.

Q: What initiated the Quality Award journey for your center?
A: We started our Quality Award journey in 2020 with the Bronze level, and by 2023, we advanced to the Silver level award. Our facility has always prioritized quality, and our processes consistently deliver above-average results and outcomes. The Quality Award program has been instrumental in allowing our team to self-evaluate and strive for continuous improvement in how we deliver health care.

Q: As a result of participating in the Quality Award Program, what changes have you seen in employee retention and/or engagement and satisfaction?
A:The Quality Awards program has helped us refine our strategic planning, especially in terms of workforce engagement and satisfaction. We have implemented more systematic processes that have a significant impact on our workforce. By the end of 2023, our employee turnover had decreased to under 20%. We’ve set a goal to maintain turnover under 15% this year, and we feel confident we have the tools to achieve it!

Q: Can you share a story that highlights the importance of teamwork in providing exceptional care?
A: We had a patient who encountered an unforeseen complication on our unit following surgery. Our nursing team quickly identified the issue, and the therapy team confirmed a significant overnight change in the patient’s condition. With our advanced practice providers and MDs, we quickly diagnosed the problem. We were able to consult with specialists and, through effective teamwork, avoid a readmission to the hospital. The patient was treated on our unit, and with adjustments to their care plan, was safely discharged home as planned, with minimal delay.


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