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Seeks views on changing legal access for street works carried out by electric vehicle chargepoint operators.

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On 2 October 2023, government announced its Plan for drivers. In support of the transition to zero emission driving, measures were included to accelerate and support equitable access to charging infrastructure, fix roads faster and encourage efficient street works.

This consultation is about the access that electric vehicle (EV) chargepoint operators (CPOs) have to the highway when performing street works. 

EV CPOs are responsible for the installation of EV charging apparatus on the public road network. Installation is subject to various highways and consents procedures.

Permits are available to those with a statutory right to carry out works on the highway, whereas those that do not can apply for a section 50 licence. 

This consultation proposes that, instead of applying for licences, EV CPOs should be brought into the street works permitting regime and given access to permits when installing electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


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Published 5 February 2024