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March 19, 2024 | by

ZAVENTEM, Belgium —


SYNDEO Medical, a Belgium-based global leader in the design and development of integrated custom procedural solution products, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Bedal International, a Belgium-based medical device organization engaged in the design and development of novel catheter securement devices and technologies. This collaboration will integrate Bedal’s innovative FlexGRIP® catheter securement devices into SYNDEO’s procedural packs, further enhancing procedural efficiency and patient care standards worldwide.

Justin J. Lampropoulos, Founder and CEO of SYNDEO Medical, highlights the significance of this collaboration, stating, “This partnership reaffirms our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that deliver on our promise of elevating patient care, delivering value, and empowering outcomes. By making FlexGRIP® catheter securement devices available in our rapidly growing offering of interventional radiology solutions, we continue to execute our strategy of incorporating everyday use devices into a more comprehensive and meaningful customer-driven solution.”

Alexander Van Damme, CEO of Bedal International, shares his enthusiasm for the partnership, expressing, “We are proud to contribute FlexGRIP® catheter securement devices to SYNDEO’s best-in-class interventional procedure packs. This collaboration highlights our ongoing dedication and commitment to enhancing patient care and outcomes.”

Under the terms of the partnership, SYNDEO Medical customers will have the option to incorporate FlexGRIP® catheter securement devices into SYNDEOPack™ Interventional Procedure Packs or acquire FlexGRIP® within select Xssential™ Rapid Delivery Procedure Packs.

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SYNDEO Medical is engaged in the design and development of fully integrated custom procedural solution products. Founded in 2022 by Justin J. Lampropoulos and headquartered in Belgium, SYNDEO Medical is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of healthcare innovation. Specializing in minimally invasive interventional and surgical products, SYNDEO Medical serves healthcare providers worldwide through a network of distribution partners and sales representatives. The company is committed to positively impacting lives through elevating patient experience, delivering meaningful value, and empowering outcomes.

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