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Ministry of High Tech Industry and Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises announce the inaugural edition of DigiWeek, Armenia’s largest Technology event


The Ministry of High Technology Industry of Armenia and the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE) announced the inaugural edition of DigiWeek21, a week-long series of events focused on the growing high-technology industry in Armenia. DigiWeek21 will take place from October 27 to November 3, 2021 in Yerevan and Gyumri. The anchor event for DigiWeek21 will be Digitec21, Armenia’s largest technology exhibition. 


“The Ministry of High Tech Industry is pleased to organize the first DigiWeek for Armenia,” stated Davit Sahakyan, First Deputy Minister of High Technology Industry. “Our objective is to conduct a full week of panels to discuss current and future challenges and opportunities in technology in Armenia and beyond. By incorporating all of these events into one week, international guests can maximize their exposure and contribution to Armenia’s most important technology forum.”


Raffi Kassarjian, Executive Director of UATE, stated that Digitec21 Expo will be the largest ever, with over 100 companies and 1400 m2 of exhibition space in the spacious sports arena at K. Demirchyan Sports Complex. Mr. Kassarjian also introduced a critical new component for Digitec, entitled Digitec21 Summit, an exclusive conference bringing together technologists from around the world to discuss key issues and opportunities facing the tech industry in Armenia and beyond. “This year’s Digitec21 is entitled “Thriving in a post-Covid World,” and we are gathering some of the most visionary and successful technological minds to discuss how we can turn challenges posed by the pandemic into tomorrow’s opportunities,” stated Mr. Kassarjian. Senior executives from some of the most successful international and Armenian-founded companies operating in Armenia, including CodeSignal, Disqo, Krisp, PicsArt, and ServiceTitan, will share their thoughts and predictions on how the pandemic has affected the way we collaborate, conduct business, teach and learn, and innovate together.


In addition to Digitec, the following events will also take place: The Hyetech Showcase this year is focused on identifying a talented workforce in Armenia and beyond. The Digital Transformation event is organized by the Ministry of High Technology Industry, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), and the Operator’s Union of Armenia. The Koreez Competition awards the best students and teachers across Armenia, assessing their performance in STEM subjects such as math, physics, chemistry, and biology. The three DigiWeek21 thematic events, Science and Sustainability Summit, Artificial Intelligence Summit and Venture Summit, are bringing together some of the most renowned experts in these fields to meet with current and aspiring entrepreneurs.



About the event: Launched in 2005, Digitec is the largest technological exhibition in the trans-Caucasus region and the annual marquee event for Armenian technology. Every year, Digitec showcases the achievements and potential of the rapidly-growing tech industry both within Armenia as well as throughout the global reach of the Armenian technology network. Digitec21 Expo will be the largest ever, with over 100 companies exhibiting in a much larger venue. Based on the successful execution of the World Congress of Information Technology (WCIT) in 2019, the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises has launched Digitec Summit as an international conference focused on exploring how emerging technology-oriented countries respond to global challenges and opportunities. The conference consists of a series of keynote panel discussions moderated by international technology journalists and features both in-person and online participation by leading entrepreneurs, executives, policymakers, and members of research and academia.


Digitec21 is the anchor event for DigiWeek21, the inaugural edition of a week-long series of events organized by the Ministry of High Technology Industry of Armenia and UATE. In addition to Digitec21, the following events will take place: HyeTech Showcase, DigiWeek Science and Sustainability Summit, DigiWeek AI Summit, and DigiWeek Venture Summit. As all of these events occur in the same week, guests are able to maximize their exposure and contribution to the region’s most important technological symposium.



Source: PRWire

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