• Tesla has given the electric truck new modes to help it in even the toughest terrain.
  • Dual-motor models come standard with front and rear locking differentials.
  • A new CyberTent mode also levels the suspension to make sleeping in the truck more comfortable.

The Tesla Cybertruck has become even more capable thanks to several new features developed by the carmaker. These new features have started rolling out to the first wave of Cybertrucks that were delivered and will be available more broadly soon.

Most drivers won’t notice significant changes unless they plan to go off-roading. If they do, they’ll find two new off-road modes dubbed Overland and Baja. The first of these is designed to improve handling and traction while driving on rock, gravel, deep snow, or sand while Baja Mode aims to improve balance.

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Both of these modes enable the truck’s exterior features, making it much easier to spot obstacles. There is a camera up front, two cameras on the sides, and a rear camera. Tesla has also made Wade mode accessible through a single button.

All dual-motor Cybertrucks come with front and rear locking differentials that can be enabled or disabled through the off-road mode. In the tri-motor Cyberbeast, the Overland mode needs to be switched on to gain access to the front locking differential. A ‘virtual’ rear locking differential is enabled automatically.

 Tesla Trucks Up Cybertruck With New Off-Road And CyberTent Modes

There’s other nifty features too. For example, Tesla has added Trail Assist which serves as an off-roading cruise control system and includes hill ascent and descent control. Should owners encounter snow, icy, or on wet and slick roads, they can enable the Slippery Surface function to better distribute traction across all four tires.

Tesla has also worked its magic on the adaptive suspension, saying it now “estimates payload more accurately and automatically adjusts damping” to improve the ride.

A special ‘CyberTent’ mode has also been added, perfect for customers who coughed up $3,000 for the tent. This mode automatically levels the suspension regardless of the terrain.

 Tesla Trucks Up Cybertruck With New Off-Road And CyberTent Modes