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May 8, 2024 | by

When it comes to booking cheap flights, the best day really depends on the airline, according to research from the travel site Upgraded Points. While many Americans may rely on booking flights on a Tuesday to secure the best price, the study found that Tuesday does deliver the highest probability of securing a cheap flight if flying on Hawaiian or Frontier Airlines. The research was conducted over four weeks using Google Flights and sampled 44,000 one-way economy fares across 10 of the busiest domestic flight routes in the nation, including airlines like American, Delta, JetBlue, and United.

The study revealed that there was no magic day of the week where fares dropped significantly, but there was one day to avoid – Saturday. Researchers found that booking flights on Saturday was the priciest day of the week for flight bookings. For travelers looking to save money, booking flights at the week’s end could hit the wallet hard. The research provided details on when it’s best to book each airline included in the study, offering insights into which days are most cost-effective.

For Alaska Airlines, Sunday was the best day to book a flight if looking to spend less money, while Saturday saw prices skyrocket. Similarly, for American Airlines, Thursdays were the most expensive at an average of $285.60, while waiting until Friday could offer some savings with prices dropping to $271.85. Delta Airlines’ least expensive tickets were found on Thursdays, while Frontier Airlines boasted cost-friendly prices averaging above $125 on Tuesday.

JetBlue Airlines saw cheaper flights on Sundays compared to Saturdays, with costs averaging around $225 on Sunday and above $275 on Saturday. Hawaiian Airlines had the lowest flight costs on Tuesdays starting at over $125, while reaching above $225 on Saturdays. Spirit Airlines had cost-friendly flights averaging above $125 at the start of the week, with prices escalating past $150 by Saturday, showing a difference of around $30 between flights booked on Saturdays and Mondays. United Airlines offered the cheapest flights on Sundays, averaging $281.66, while Thursdays saw the highest prices at $299.47.

In conclusion, the best day to book a cheap flight really depends on the airline in question. While many Americans may think that booking flights on a Tuesday is the best strategy, the study found that this is only true for Hawaiian and Frontier Airlines. It is essential for travelers to research and consider the specific airline they are flying with to determine the most cost-effective day to book a flight. By avoiding booking flights on Saturdays, travelers can potentially save money and secure cheaper flights based on the research provided by Upgraded Points.


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