This Tesla Driver Has Built A Folding Rooftop Solar Array For His Car – Wonderful Engineering

February 7, 2024 | by

Omid Sadeghpour, a Tesla driver with a vision for sustainable commuting, has been diligently crafting a fold-out solar array for his Tesla Model Y over the past couple of years. This innovative project, dubbed Dartsolar, aims to harness solar energy to power electric vehicles during their stationary periods, such as when parked at work or home.

Sadeghpour’s latest endeavor, the Beta2 version, marks a significant step forward in his quest for energy autonomy. The initial Beta1 prototype, developed in collaboration with Jeran Bruce at California’s Forged Makerspace, featured a wood-framed design equipped with telescoping carbon-fiber tubes, housing nine flexible solar panels. This setup, while impressive, was just the beginning.

The Beta2 iteration promises enhancements in both efficiency and practicality. With an expected increase in wattage to 4,000, Sadeghpour anticipates up to 45 miles of additional range per day, significantly boosting the vehicle’s solar-powered driving capabilities. Moreover, advancements in design, such as a support frame crafted from carbon fiber, aim to reduce the array’s height when folded, minimizing aerodynamic impact during driving.

Dartsolar is still a work in progress, despite these advancements, which is a credit to Sadeghpour’s inventiveness and dedication to sustainable innovation. Even though the current configuration can generate about 20 miles of solar-powered range per day, improvements and optimizations are still being made.

Sadeghpour’s commitment to promoting sustainable energy alternatives is evident in his readiness to share his progress with the community. Through the Dartsolar website, he makes the Beta1 designs and build files available, extending an invitation to others to join him on this revolutionary path towards more environmentally friendly transportation.

While the globe embraces vehicle electrification, programs such as Dartsolar provide a window into the infinite possibilities of solar energy integration. Even while there are still obstacles to overcome, innovators like Sadeghpour serve as a reminder that, one solar-powered mile at a time, we can move toward a more sustainable future.


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