TSMC’s 6nm Chip Manufacturing Facility In Japan Will Be Ready By The End Of 2027 – Tech News Space

February 7, 2024 | by magnews24.com

The joint venture JASM, in which Taiwan’s TSMC holds a majority stake, promises to begin production in Japan at the first plant before the end of this year, and the second will be built before the end of 2027. The Japanese corporation Toyota Motor will directly join the number of JASM shareholders.

  Image Source: TSMC

Image Source: TSMC

Let us recall that the main supplier of components to the Toyota conveyor, Denso, was initially a shareholder of JASM, and even insisted on mastering the production of 12-nm components at the first of the enterprises in Kumamoto Prefecture, since Sony had enough 22-nm and 28-nm technical processes. As explained Nikkei Asian Reviewas a result of Toyota’s direct participation in the capital of JASM, the shareholders’ shares will be distributed as follows: TSMC will retain 86.5% of the shares, Sony will receive 6%, Denso will be slightly behind it with 5.5%, and Toyota’s share will be limited to 2%.

The total investment amount, taking into account the costs of all JASM shareholders and the construction of the second plant, will exceed $20 billion. Representatives of the Japanese government said they are ready to provide subsidies of up to $5.2 billion for the construction of a second TSMC plant in Kumamoto Prefecture. This enterprise will have to master the production of 6-nm products by the end of 2027, its construction will begin this year. The decision to build a third plant in Japan is being considered by TSMC management, but has not yet been made.


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