VDG (Van der Graaf): New Premium-Efficiency GrizzlyDrive Drum Motors | Pit & Quarry

May 16, 2024 | by magnews24.com

Photo: VDG
Photo: VDG

The GrizzlyDrive® Drum Motor is maintenance-free for 80,000 hours of continuous operation and withstands the harshest of environments where performance, reliability, and durability matter most. All components, including the new premium-efficiency electric motor, gear reducer, and bearings, are enclosed inside the drum and protected from the environment. The electric motor operates at low temperatures, increasing the lubrication viscosity of all components inside the drum, increasing reliability and the service life of the new generation of GrizzlyDrive® Drum Motors. Available up to 500 hp, with a wide range of diameters, belt speeds, lagging, and options to suit various belt conveyor applications.

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