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March 16, 2024 | by

Virtual Vision Health Enhances Virtual Eye Pro with New Features

Virtual Vision Health has recently announced the addition of pupillography, color vision testing, and live eye streaming to its Virtual Eye Pro headset. This portable, cloud-based virtual reality device is designed for standard automated perimetry, offering a new level of convenience and accuracy in eye health diagnostics.

Based on the article, Bill Shields, the global vice president of sales at Virtual Vision Health, highlighted the three key features that have been integrated into the Virtual Eye Pro. Firstly, pupillography allows for the measurement of pupil constriction to aid in diagnosing various eye diseases. Secondly, through a partnership with Waggoner Diagnostics, extended color vision testing has been incorporated into the headset. Lastly, live eye streaming enables technicians to monitor patients’ eyes in real-time during visual field tests.

Shields mentioned that Virtual Vision Health is continuously working on developing additional modalities to further enhance the versatility and capabilities of their technology. These advancements aim to provide healthcare professionals with innovative tools for comprehensive eye examinations and improved patient care.

At last, the integration of new features into the Virtual Eye Pro demonstrates Virtual Vision Health’s commitment to advancing eye health diagnostics through cutting-edge technology. With ongoing developments in this field, we can expect further enhancements that will revolutionize how eye exams are conducted and improve outcomes for patients.

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