Volkswagen launches revolutionary solar panel technology to help drivers save up to 40 per cent on costs

June 11, 2024 | by

Volkswagen has launched revolutionary new technology that will allow electric car drivers to boost their power with solar panels and cut expensive motoring costs.

Drivers will be able to use solar panels to charge their electric vehicles and reduce costs by roughly 40 per cent.

The new charger will be tailored to 28 European markets and be available in four product versions as early as this summer.

The Elli Charger 2 hopes to offer drivers a lower-cost option for powering their cars while also being environmentally friendly.

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Eli wall charger

Charger aims to make electric vehicles ‘more accessible and cost-effective for customers’


Giovanni Palazzo, CEO of Elli and senior vice president of Volkswagen Group Charging and Energy, explained that the charger aims to make it simpler and significantly more cost-effective for customers.

He remarked that the smart charging functions not only provide real cost savings for customers but also represent a milestone in the use of renewable energy”.

It also aims to make charging an electric vehicle “more accessible and cost-effective for customers”.

The charger was created in partnership with Otovo, with Palazzo adding that the partnership is not only an “important signal” for the charging and energy business in Europe, but especially for the “intelligent integration of mobility and energy transition at home”.

The new product can be used in private households, but also within commercial settings, with Palazzo noting that the charger represents the “pinnacle” of quality and innovation.

Palazzo commented: “Powerful and smart charging products will drive Elli on its path to becoming one of the largest energy companies in Europe. They also will ensure [chargers] success and the decarbonisation of our society.”

The charging model comes as more drivers continue to flag price as a key issue when thinking about buying an electric car.

Auto Trader commercial director Ian Plummer explained that while retail prices are stabilising, electric vehicles need to be accessible for a variety of budgets to tempt consumers.

He said: “We need to make more progress on affordability to encourage retail demand, especially as exemptions from both Vehicle Excise Duty and the expensive car supplement end for EVs next year.”

Last month, Volkswagen unveiled a cheap electric car model with a price tag of just £16,900 or €20,000.

Under the new plans, the group will build two new compact cars, one from VW and one from Cupra, in addition to two small SUVs with VW and Skoda taking part in the development.

The world premiere of the cheaper £17,000 electric car is expected for 2027, while the brand said it would introduce cars for under £21,275 (€25,000) as early as next year.


Electric car charging

Volkswagen unveiled a cheap electric car model priced at £17,000


The drive for more affordable electric car options comes as the UK Government accelerates its plans to have 80 per cent of new cars and 70 per cent of new vans sold to be zero emission by 2030, increasing to 100 per cent by 2035


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