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We Design Beirut, a platform dedicated to showcasing the best of Arab and regional design. Founded by Mariana Wehbe in collaboration with industrial designer Samer Alameen and visual communications studio Bananamonkey, presents its inaugural four-day event from May 23rd to May 26th, 2024, in Beirut, Lebanon.

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Villa Audi- Walid Rachid

The event aims to celebrate and promote design and creativity through a comprehensive program. It will showcase the most innovative design talent and initiate a global dialogue on design and sustainability, envisioning a network and ecosystem benefiting all involved.

Highlights of the inaugural event include the historically significant Villa Audi, serving as the Hub of Preservation. The exhibition “Past Echoes: A Journey through Middle Eastern Product Design”, curated by Babylon– The Agency, founded by Joy Mardini and William Wehbe, will be hosted alongside various installations and pop-ups.

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Nada Debs courtesy of ND

Additionally, two new City Exhibitions will be announced. Renowned product designer Studio Nada Debs will present SWIRLMANIA, featuring over 20 handcrafted occasional tables, at her studio in Gemmayze, Beirut. Each piece in the Swirl collection is meticulously crafted using various techniques. Joining the City Exhibitions is a subjective recount of Khalil Khouri’s life and career as a designer, titled “All things must(‘nt) pass”. Curated by architect Bernard Khoury along with his son Teymour Khoury, it takes place at the iconic Interdesign building.

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PSLab Quote © Karim Sakr | @beirut_streets

The esteemed PSLab will function as the focal point for empowerment and craftsmanship. Its objective is to present the age-old artisanal treasures and skilled artisans of Lebanon through the Métiers d’Art exhibition, along with the collaborative Italian initiative We Mediterranean.

The hub of sustainability at the historic Abroyan Factory in We Design Beirut will explore the future of global design, collaborating with Lebanese universities and seasoned professionals. It aims to offer young designers in Lebanon a platform to exhibit their work and explore the potential for a more sustainable future.

About We Design Beirut

We Design Beirut is a four-day design experience in Beirut, Lebanon from May 23-26, 2024. The multidisciplinary event aims to celebrate and promote design and creativity through a rich program that offers designer showcases, installations, talks and workshops in the fields of interior design, architecture, furniture, product design, functional art, ceramics, home accessories and rugs.

Location: Various Locations across Beirut

Date: May 23-26, 2024

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