What Big Publicly Traded Companies Say About Merchant Cash Advances

March 14, 2024 | by magnews24.com

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deBanked examined the public messaging from some of the largest publicly traded merchant cash advance facilitators in the US and this is what it found:


A merchant cash advance is a purchase of your future sales, also known as receivables. If your application for funding is accepted, then Shopify provides you a lump sum of money for a fixed fee. Under the Shopify capital agreement, this lump sum is known as the amount advanced, and the total to remit is the amount advanced plus the fixed fee. In return, you pay Shopify Capital a percentage of your daily sales until Shopify receives the total to remit. The percentage of your daily sales that you must remit to Shopify is known as the remittance rate. The amount advanced and the remittance rate depend on your risk profile.

For example, Shopify Capital might advance you 5,000 USD for 5,650 USD paid from your store’s future sales, with a remittance rate of 10%. The 5,000 USD amount that you receive is transferred to your business bank account specified in your admin, and Shopify Capital receives 10% of your store’s gross daily sales until the full 5,650 USD total to remit has been remitted. You have the option, at any time, to remit any outstanding balance in a single lump sum.

There is no deadline for remitting the total to Shopify Capital. The daily remittance amount in USD is determined by your store’s daily sales, because the remittance rate is a percentage of your store’s daily sales. The remittance amount is automatically debited from your business bank account.


DoorDash Capital is a cash advance, not a loan. With a cash advance, the offer is based on your sales and account history, and includes a simple, transparent one-time fee that you’ll know before you decide to accept the offer. A loan operates using interest, which can compound over time, and often includes other fees in addition to the stated interest rate.

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A [merchant cash advance is a] non-revolving sum of funding with flexible payment, no personal collateral required and no late fees. With flexible payment, no personal collateral required and no late fees, a merchant cash advance provides sellers funding to help run and grow their business. Unlike interest-bearing loans, the advance ties payment to a portion of a seller’s future sales for a fixed capital fee, there are no additional fees or interest charged.


Fixed withdrawals from a bank account
Merchant cash advance companies can also withdraw funds directly from your business bank account. In this case, fixed repayments are made daily or weekly from your account regardless of how much you earn in sales, and the fixed repayment amount is determined based on an estimate of your monthly revenue.


A merchant cash advance is not a loan, but rather a type of financing that business owners pay back with a percentage of their future sales.

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