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March 30, 2024 | by magnews24.com

VTouch, Inc. presents its latest breakthrough: the WIZPR RING. The company, renowned for its expertise in AI technologies, proudly demonstrates its innovative prowess. So its no surprise that it is a recipient of the esteemed CES 2024 Innovation Award.

What is it?

What sets the ring apart is its unique ability to revolutionize voice interaction with AI. By harnessing advanced AI, the WIZPR RING enables users to discreetly whisper commands. Don’t fret about wind or background noise. The ring filters out all background noise to hear you clearly. This marks a significant advance in wearable technology, offering users a seamless and intuitive way to engage with AI assistants.

According to SJ Kim, Founder & Co-CEO of VTouch, Inc., the WIZPR RING represents a pivotal step towards realizing a conversational computing. Users interact with AI effortlessly, without the constraints of traditional graphical user interfaces.

How does it work?

Functionality-wise, the WIZPR RING has impressive features. It seamlessly integrates with your smartphone, giving you access to a wide array of AI tools and assistants. It becomes your centralized hub for controlling IoT devices. You can send voice chat messages, and it includes an emergency SOS system for added safety.
Key among its benefits is its effortless AI interaction, allowing users to engage in natural conversations without the need for wake words. Privacy is prioritized, with the ring isolating the user’s voice from their surroundings. This ensures confidential interactions, even in crowded environments.

Tech Specs

Source: WIZPR Ring

In terms of specifications, the WIZPR RING is crafted with premium materials such as titanium and epoxy resin. This offers durability and style in equal measure. It comes in various sizes and colors to cater to individual preferences.


For those interested in learning more or securing their own WIZPR RING, further information can be found on the official Kickstarter campaign page. It’s already surpassed its original Kickstarter goal, so if you want in, you better grab your early bird slot now!


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