World’s First Chief Aurora Chaser Joins Hurtigruten

May 11, 2024 | by

In the world of professional titles, not much beats a business card that bears the stamp Chief Aurora Chaser. Northern Lights astronomer, author and speaker Tom Kerss has been bestowed with exactly that designation thanks to a new partnership with Hurtigruten.

Cruise travelers longing to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis’ dancing, multihued lights can embark on one of Hurtigruten’s collection of sailings in the company of Kerss, who will be onboard for select itineraries through Norway’s majestic fjords. By day, passengers will visit fascinating coastal ports and enjoy Kerss’ expertise through workshops, webinars and digital talks.

Tom Kerss

© Hurtigruten

“The Northern Lights is one of nature’s most mesmerizing spectacles,” said Kerss. “I am thrilled to partner with Hurtigruten to pioneer a truly unforgettable experience for their adventurous and knowledge-seeking guests. Together, we will not only witness the Northern Lights but also unravel the secrets and stories behind its beauty and nature, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.”

Because the lights are notoriously elusive, Hurtigruten has you covered: On a selection of the cruise line’s 11-day (or longer) Coastal Voyages embarking between September and March (through March 31, 2026), Hurtigruten offers their Northern Lights Promise. This means if the lights are no-shows within sight of the ship, guests will be treated to a six-day southbound or seven-day northbound Original Coastal Express Classic Voyage at no charge (specific dates for the Northern Lights Promise vary by departure and are detailed at Hurtigruten’s website).

© Hurtigruten

“Norway is undeniably the premier location for experiencing the Northern Lights, and Hurtigruten provides an unparalleled platform for travelers to witness this celestial marvel,” added Kerss. “Teaming up with Hurtigruten amplifies our ability to share the magic of this phenomenon with travelers from around the globe, making unparalleled voyages to witness the astonishing Arctic skies.”

Onboard, passengers are alerted by crew members through an announcement system that lets them know when the lights are visible. And, for those who can’t get their fill of night skies, Hurtigruten also offers a variety of astronomy sailings that will be accompanied by world-class astronomers. Along with viewings of the Aurora Borealis, passengers will be treated to onboard lectures by astronomers and other experts. Astronomy Voyage routes include Bergen–Kirkenes–Bergen aboard Hurtigruten’s MS Nordnorge and MS Kong Harald.


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