WOW: Lexus and Burns’ Surprising Campaign to Communicate the Lexus Relax Warranty

May 21, 2024 | by

WOW: Lexus and Burns' Surprising Campaign to Communicate the Lexus Relax Warranty

May. 21, 2024

Lexus presents “WOW”, its latest campaign through which, alongside Burns The Agency, the production company Central Films Spain, and director Rodrigo García Saíz, the brand communicates Lexus Relax, an extendable warranty of up to 15 years when servicing is done their own franchises.

The centerpiece of this new campaign is a commercial that showcases the ability of Lexus Relax to surprise anyone… even the trucks driving by on the highway. In this visual, we see how the appearance of a Lexus NX, through a rural setting and coming together with a voiceover explaining the terms of its warranty, causes the truckīs reaction. It’s a resource that shows us, from a different and creative perspective, the benefit that Lexus offers. All of this is presented through a continuous shot that transmits a premium atmosphere while maintaining the intelligent humor usually employed by Lexus in its campaigns.

The Pablos – Pablo Madrid and Pablo Salinas, Executive Creative Directors at Burns The Agency, said:

“When the client allows you to highlight a single benefit, it’s easier to reach these kinds of executions.”

And that’s how we want you to react when you see this campaign, with a huge WOW that stays in your memory for at least the 15 years that the Lexus Relax warranty lasts.


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