Apple Music Partner Program Delivers Data Treasure Trove

May 10, 2024 | by

Photo Credit: Apple Music

Apple Music unveiled a new subscription data analytics program aimed at record labels and distributors dubbed Apple Music Partner Program.

Subscribers will gain access to over 4,500 charts ranking as many as 1,500 songs across 60 genres and 270 regions. The tool uses Apple’s Shazam technology to monitor airplay over 40,000 broadcast and streaming radio stations globally. The result is subscribers get real-time listener counts for all of the songs in their catalogs—with the accompanying tools to measure marketing campaign success.

Apple says some of these charts will be made available to the public as charts on Shazam or as playlists in Apple Music. That includes the Global Top 200 and breakdowns across sixteen formats and genres. The Chart Explorer dashboard also makes it easy for artists to track new milestones and spot emerging trends on the rise—before they go viral.

By default, Chart Explorer will display data from the past seven days. Subscribers can use filters at the top of the dashboard to tailor the search by storefront, chart type, date, chart genre, and specify range. Sections highlight the total number of chart appearances for an artist as well as top rising content. Data from 2015 onward will appear in these charts.

Searching for an artist gives a detailed view of the chart history for their full catalog. Subscribers can also specify a song or album to see where it landed on any chart. Filtering further by storefront and chart genre can help narrow results even further.

An artist’s chart history offers an overview of their most popular content and chart rankings. The ‘Chart Appearances’ section offers top-line metrics on that artist’s chart performance from the last seven days. The ‘Charting Content’ section allows subscribers to drill down into any charting release from an artist’s catalog to see the history for that specific release.


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