Evaluation Of a New Glucose Control Strategy Using CITSens Bio APC (Automated Process Control) for CHO Fed-Batch Application

May 20, 2024 | by magnews24.com

For the cultivation of cells in research and development, high cell densities and reproducibility are fundamental aims. For that goal a high degree of automation is favorable to reduce the risk of contamination and deviation between batches.

As glucose is one of the main energy sources for cells, it is crucial to maintain a constant and controlled automated glucose supply. Therefore, the CITSens Bio APC a combined system to measure and control the glucose concentration in cell culture applications was used (CITSens Bio, C-CIT Sensors AG, Switzerland).

To test the CITSens Bio APC multiple Fed-Batch-cultivations with CHO K1-cells were executed. Different cultivation parameters and glucose concentration-thresholds were applied.


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