Is Open Ai Announcing Its Google Search Competitor On Monday?

May 11, 2024 | by

There’s a buzz right now that open AI will announce a new search product based on AI on Monday right before starts its annual I/O conference.

There have been reports from Bloomberg, The Information, Reuters and now The Verge that the new open AI product will be part of C shatGPT and will be able to search the Internet.

So here’s some questions I have based on how this might unfold: will the new capability be part of the current ChatGPT for or will it be a leveling up ChatGPT 4.5 or even 5?

You could’ve used plug-ins so far to search the web with ChatGPT, but it hasn’t been built into the generative search product itself as of yet.




Sam Altman refuted the Reuters report stating that OpenAI is releasing a search product on the day before Google’s Google I/O conference.


On X, Altman clarified that while OpenAI will make an announcement on Monday, it will not involve launching GPT-5 or a search engine. He described the upcoming reveal as something that “feels like magic,” noting that it will include updates about ChatGPT and GPT-4.


Google Gemini is a family of powerful AI models, including a user-facing chatbot, that can understand and work with different kinds of information like text, code, and images. It’s designed to be flexible and run on various devices, from phones to data centers.

Google Gamma a separate platform for creating presentations and documents using AI.


Is Open Ai Announcing Its Google Search Competitor On Monday?

If this happens, this will be a big blow to Google who will be providing information on their own AI offerings like Gemini and Gemma the I/O conference.


OpenAI’s new search product will supposedly letusers to ask ChatGPT a question and the chatbot respond with an answer with citations from online sources such as news and blog posts, Wikipedia, and more.


Check back over the weekend on and on Monday to see what happens.


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