Landus Partners with PCA to Serve Kansas Farmers

May 8, 2024 | by

DES MOINES, Iowa (May 8, 2024) — Landus is expanding product and service offerings to Producers Cooperative Association (PCA) farmers. This partnership will deliver Landus’ full line of products and services to sustainably raise crops for the farmers in the PCA geography. 

The collaboration between Landus and PCA will deliver the AcreEdge Performance Portfolio, Landus SkyScout, and other Landus products focused on sustainability to PCA member-owners. This relationship also aims to increase the opportunity for supplemental sources of income for the PCA grower through downstream relations with processors and consumer packaged goods. 

“We’re excited to share the Landus offering with PCA farmers so they can access these new markets,” said Landus President & CEO, Matt Carstens. “Downstream customers are asking for sustainably-raised products, and we’re eager to partner with PCA farmers to show the consumer how important sustainability is.” 

Doug Graber added, “The size and scale of Landus paired with the local knowledge of our employees makes for a great experience for PCA member-owners. The products and services that Landus offers truly make a difference, not only in the field, but also to the downstream customers that will buy the grower’s crop.” 

Landus and PCA are proud to continue the work to improve the products and services available to PCA member-owners. Together, the cooperatives will foster the environment to illustrate the importance of sustainable products to the grower—and the consumer. 


About Landus

Landus is a forward-thinking agriculture solutions company that keeps the farmer at the center. Landus connects thousands of farmer-owners with the world through grain, agronomy, and distribution, deploying traditional and nontraditional methods fueled by innovation and sustainability across 34 states and 16 countries. Landus is known for transforming the traditional cooperative model with its innovative approach to technology and strategic partnerships, identifying the challenges that farmers face today and developing data-backed individualized solutions that impact every part of the supply chain. 

About Producers Cooperative Association 

PCA employs a professional and highly knowledgeable team that is eager to help improve your operation. We continually invest in equipment, processes, and talent to ensure a great customer experience at all of our locations. We offer a full line of farm and ranch supplies, custom manufactured feeds, and full-service agronomy centers. 


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