New to World of Warcraft? Check out our comprehensive beginner’s guide to choosing your faction, race, class, and efficient leveling!

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WoW is a constantly updated MMO RPG that has been available for over twenty years. It offers players a large amount of content that can be difficult for newbies to understand at first.

You must choose your race and class and start boosting in World of Warcraft to gain levels, accumulate weapons and equipment, participate in PVP and large-scale battles between two factions, go to raids, engage in professions, and simply advance through current updates.

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Faction, race, and class

Your choice will begin with a faction, which can be one of two sides in the conflict—Horde or Alliance.

Each side has its own territories, which are forever assigned to them and disputed, for which battles regularly take place for influence and income over them.

The choice of races that will be available to you depends on the faction – people will be available only to the Alliance side, while the Twilight Elves will only be available to the Horde.

Choose a faction solely on visual and moral principles because, in World of Warcraft, there has long been no imbalance towards the Horde. Both factions have their territorial pros and cons, but not so significant as to give either of them priority.


Each race has its own passive bonuses that give you an advantage in one of the types of content, not significant, but quite pleasant, especially at the start of your boosting in WoW.

For example, the gnome race will have bonuses for blacksmithing, and the new Draktyr race will have bonuses for movement and the ability to take off.

WoW is a multifaceted project that offers too much different content to select your faction and race exclusively for it. The only exceptions are minor characters, whom you create for your individual tasks – they can and should be selected so that your crafting profession or resource collection is effective, and choose the main character based on personal likes and bonuses in PVP.


With a class, things are more complicated because it is extremely important to consider your character, online average, and the general goals you set for yourself.

You must also be prepared for demands from other players. For example, a mage must have up-to-date weapons and equipment in order for the group to invite him to a group grind, while a healer needs to be of the required level.

Remember that any attacking class requires more financial investment, but the gameplay for it is also more spectacular.

Supports invest in their defense, but their role and support in mass battles and raids are invaluable because all attacking classes will die too quickly without them.

Sometimes, starting your gameplay with a more understandable hero, such as a warrior, is better. He is versatile, deals good damage, receives leveling in WoW Dragonflight alone or as part of a group, and periodically accelerates his damage due to rage effects.

It will be more difficult to play as a mage at the start, and you will need to collect a good staff to strengthen your damage; his armor leaves much to be desired, but the mage also deals colossal damage.

The Archer is also good for beginners because it bombards enemies with arrows and skills from a long distance. He also needs to get a good bow to be in demand in group hunting and PVP.

Leveling up using quests

Throughout its existence, World of Warcraft has had quite a few additions, each with a main storyline.

When a new update comes out, the previous one, like all past ones, becomes obsolete, and the player can choose any lands for his upgrade until he gets to the current ones – at the moment, this is Dragonflight.

Just complete the training and go to the lands that are comfortable for you. The system itself will tell you where the story quests are, and, in addition to them, you can take on many minor ones in order to combine all the rewards to get a noticeable and cheap boost in World of Warcraft.

Leveling up at locations

The good old grind without being tied to quests, or vice versa, taking them into account for maximum effect, is an excellent opportunity not only to level up your hero but also to collect all types of resources for crafting and then level up two professions to choose from, if you have such a desire.

Resources will be extracted from monsters or collected at locations. However, this may require a special tool that can be purchased from the corresponding NPC associated with the profession – butcher, blacksmith, and so on.

The resources themselves will have different values, on which the minimum value of the finished product will depend. So if you plan to become an artisan, store them, and if not, sell them profitably through the auction system. There is always a demand for them.

The good thing about grinding is that, besides leveling in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, you accumulate gold and even have a chance to knock out weapons or armor to strengthen your hero or for sale in the auction system.

You can hunt alone if your hero has good damage – support

It’s better to find full-fledged battle groups because they will take too long to destroy monsters alone.

If you hunt in a group, you can turn monsters’ destruction into a real assembly line and quickly receive a WoW Dragonflight boost. For this, you need to have a tactician in its composition that will provoke many monsters and keep them on you, a healer for support and resurrection, attacking heroes with massive damage like magicians, archers, or warriors.

In a group, you will be safer when facing an enemy faction in common locations.

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Leveling up using raids

Raids are dungeons of varying difficulty levels that require a group of players to enter to fight bosses for the sake of drops and leveling in WoW Draonflight.

Dungeons come in three types of difficulty and differ in level.

The first is a regular, fairly simple introductory raid. In it, you will learn the mechanics and dangerous attacks of the boss and, depending on the level of the dungeon, obtain weapons and equipment.

The second is a heroic, more difficult raid, where the boss will have more health and protection, and to enter, you need equipment and weapons of the level of those that are knocked out of dungeons of a regular difficulty level.

The third is Mythic, the most difficult and rewarding type of raid, in which the entire group must give their best and pay attention because the boss will be rampant and often use his best attacks without warning. In Mythic raids, if successful, there is a maximum increase in experience and a chance to knock out a legendary weapon or armor for your hero.

Leveling using services

You can always improve your level using the boosting World of Warcraft Skycoach service.

This professional service will gain access to your character and, in return, will guarantee that the order will be completed on time and payments in the event of controversial or problematic situations.

Leveling-up will be carried out by the service booster without third-party programs and leveling-up automations, which could attract unnecessary attention from the game administration.

You need to provide an account because this makes it easier for the service to distribute booster time and ensure literally continuous pumping, for which Skycoach bears financial and reputational responsibility.

Also, if necessary, the client does not need to control his character and participate in the hero’s movement and resurrection.

When the task is completed, it will change from in progress to completed in your personal account. You will also receive a notification that you can log into your account, change your password, and continue playing World of Warcraft.

As an additional bonus, you will receive all types of weapons, armor, resources, and gold that the professional booster Skycoach managed to obtain during his hunt – this is a gift from the service for choosing the Skycoach service to implement your tasks.

You can order leveling up literally any amount of experience, be it one level or full character development before the Dragonflight update or up to its maximum level, which is level 70 and will serve as the starting point for the new addition when Blizzard decides to implement it.

If you want to master new content yourself, then you need to order leveling in World of Warcraft Skycoach up to level 60 because this is where you begin to go to the Dragon Islands and learn a new type of content.

You need to board the ship, which will take you to the homeland of the four types of dragons.

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