My Life Beyond Bundle – Mayo Clinic Press

February 4, 2024 | by

Created through collaboration among pediatric patients, their doctors, and children’s author and illustrator Hey Gee, each book in the series dives into the mind and imagination of a child patient at Mayo Clinic to explain how children experience illness, challenges, and recovery.

Series titles:
My Life Beyond Autism – Softcover
My Life Beyond Bullying – Softcover
My Life Beyond Depression – Hardcover
My Life Beyond Diabetes – Softcover
My Life Beyond Leukemia – Softcover
My Life Beyond Neurofibromatosis – Softcover
My Life Beyond Sickle Cell Disease – Hardcover
My Life Beyond Vaccines – Softcover

Mayo Clinic Press Kids creates empowering health and wellness content in partnership with pediatric experts. Proceeds from the sale of every book go to benefit important medical research and education at Mayo Clinic.


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