TikTok Has Generative AI Search Results

May 15, 2024 | by magnews24.com

TikTok is testing an enhanced search results page using generative AI, specifically through a feature called “search highlights.” This feature includes snippets of AI-generated content at the top of some search results pages, with an option to click and view a full response. 


This content, generated using ChatGPT, appears when TikTok thinks it’s relevant according to TikTok’s algorithm. However, the feature is currently limited and not all queries yield AI results.


Another feature, also called “search highlights,” appears at the top of search results but is not labeled as AI-generated. It’s unclear where this information originates, whether it’s summarizing videos or sourced elsewhere. TikTok did not immediately respond to inquiries about these features.


TikTok has been progressively enhancing its in-app search functionality. Last fall, it began testing the inclusion of Google Search results, and it has also experimented with incorporating links to Wikipedia, IMDb, and other websites directly in the search results.


This move is part of TikTok’s strategy to capitalize on user behavior, particularly among younger users who treat the platform like a search engine, seeking restaurant or product recommendations within the app instead of using Google Search. TikTok is now emphasizing AI results, positioning them above creator content, similar to Google’s approach.


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