Unlock the full potential of SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Datasphere

June 3, 2024 | by magnews24.com

SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Datasphere have revolutionized the way how the traditional SAP analytics and data warehousing businesses operate. Compared to the classic BW and BusinessObjects, the SAP Business Technology Platform offer benefits that drive efficiency, scalability, and innovations.

” Sometimes the cloud applications are seen as too close for the customizations and very distant to the ad-hoc development, especially if it’s compared to the traditional ABAP development or with the BO SDK.”

This is not true!

This article is born by the experience on the field from the SAP Services Adoption Center, that supports everyday partners and customers to get the best out of the SAP Business Technology Platform; In this blog we are going to unveil some very important customization points that you should know while implementing projects for the enterpise. 

In the context of SAP BTP analytics and data management, hardcore development represents a way to solve complex requirements where there is no “out of the box” functionality available; developers wants to push the boundaries of technology to create robust, high-performance, and scalable solutions. This type of development is characterized by a relentless focus on optimizing code, deep understanding of the cloud infrastructure interaction, and the ability to solve complex problems under extreme constraints. Whether it’s building a tailored UI components for SAP Analytics Cloud or developing interactive applications for SAP Datasphere, this blog will offer a good collection of use cases that you can easily reuse.

The following collection of advanced use cases is going to be regularly updated. Stay tuned !

Push SAP Analytics Cloud to the next level Push SAP Datasphere to the next level

Realize your custom widget 

Now that Custom Widget is available with the Unified Story Experience since QRC/Q2 – 2023, and Widget Add-Ons since QRC/Q4 – 2023, we received a large amount of requests coming from SAC users searching for Samples in order to extend the Built-in set of visualisations in SAC.

Boost the integration

SAP Analytics Cloud is extremely efficient when it’s combinated with SAP Datasphere, here a collection of plug and play usecasaes

Work with the API

The API allows third-party applications to access data stored on an SAP Analytics Cloud tenant. The API is best used for requesting small amounts of data in real time. You must have a tenant URL and SAP Analytics Cloud user. You must also configure OAuth to work with your application before you can use the REST API

Use the power of Hana Cloud

The power of CLI

The SAP Datasphere Command Line Interface is a powerfull tool to interact with Dataphere not using the regular web interface but using your terminal. This approach gives you massive benefits in terms of rapidity and automations.

Realize your own application & Integration

SAP Datasphere can be integrated with SAP Buid, SAP Build Code and SAP Business Application Studio to realize amazing applications on your data with readwrite options.


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